Monday, November 15, 2010

Country Rock

Ok loyal 5 followers.  I am officially the worst blogger on the face of the planet.  I started a blog because I was inspired by seeing a women adorning a sleeveless turtleneck sweater.  And well I have been inspired again.  This weekend I went to country rock twice!

You:  What is country rock?

Me:  It is a dance club that plays both country music for line dancing purposes and hiphop/rap(whatever the kids are calling it these days for grinding purposes.   Imagine going to Panama City Beach and scooping up all the spring breakers and dropping them into country rock for an evening of dancing.  That is what it is like.

You: Oh.... I want to go...once...why did you go twice?

Me:  Well, let me tell you.

So Friday night we were drawn to country rock like a moth is drawn to a flame.  Unfortunately when we arrived, we were horrifically surprised to find out that a live band was playing.  This band was limited in their ability to play anything but terrible country, so needless to say the place was empty and we left disappointed.  Luckily there was some good fashion for viewing before we vanished.  Like a white oxford shirt with a vest attached to it only it the front because really the back part of a vest just gets in the damn way. If you need a visual google people of walmart and browse.

Ok so that was night one, night two occurs for two reasons.

1.  Our friend Kimmy was also there for a second night, drawn there like a moth is drawn to a flame no doubt.
2.  I left my credit card there.

So after a sophisticated evening at the symphony we go to country rock.  This night there is no live band.  And it is like walking into the scene from dirty dancing where they are all dancing real dirtylike, but fast forward 30 years and adorn the dancers with cowboy hats and the latest Walmart fashions.
There was a lot of crunching (the term for grinding used by my turkish friend Uzay)  going on.  Everyone was crunching everywhere.  Crunching front to front, back to back, front to back, butt to face.  You get the point.

Then we started looking closer at these crunchers and the majority of them looked like zombies.  You know white faces and black eyes.

Then one girl offered so graciously to dance with us.  When we declined she asked us "are we to wiiiiiiaaaald (wild) for y'all?"  She breathed her meth breath onto us.  Moments later her head smacked the concrete.  She was too wild for us.  So zombies or meth heads, the country rock clientele provides hours of entertainment.  I highly recommend a visit.

Anyways long story short.  I wanted to share my dual country rock experience.  As I think it is a good intro for the guest posting from my partner in blog, Jamey Hudnall.  He actually contributed this a while ago and I was too lazy to put it up.   So here it is!

Guest Blog! The Summer Button-down

The Summer Button-down is a standard in rural fashion.  

It's incredible versatility allows it to pass as dressy or casual depending on the affair.  Button it up for a night out with your lady; keep it half-buttoned for a night out with your lady;  keep it completely unbuttoned for a night out with your lady.  Wife-beaters often pair it with a ball cap, a limited vocabulary, and a tank top (though it can be worn over sunburned skin alone.)  Popular Summer Button-down fabrics include aged flannel and king cotton.  It's great for warm climates as it is barely passes as clothing. 

As a fashion statement, it seems to proudly say, "I'm a bigot that can fashion a burning cross faster than MacGyver."  Wear your Summer Button-down with pride!

Summer Button-down caught in action


  1. Your posts always add a glimmer of sunshine to my non-Country rock days, even if they are few and far between :)

  2. I'm 99% sure that girl is actually taking a shit in her jeans. WHAT else could that face mean?