Sunday, January 16, 2011

Can you??????

So I am considering purchasing a wii.  So this led me to google “can you watch hulu on a wii.”  But before I could get it all the way through google had decided that it knew what I was asking.  The number one decision it had make for me was “can you get pregnant on your period.”  Which those two things are a little different. 
Sooo anyway this has inspired by blog today.  After finding the first suggestion amusing.  I began googling can you … with a random letter.  The list is below of my favorites.

  1. Can you get pregnant on your period?  (#1 as according to google)
  2. Can you zumba while pregnant?  Well if I am gonna get pregnant can I still zumba.
  3. Can you name your child anything?  Because when you be getting pregnant on your period, you might want to name your baby something like zumba.
  4. Can you Xray through peanut butter?  Hmmmm do you think this person ifs going to cover themselves in peanut butter to hide a broken bone, or something else? 
  5. Can you vaporize saliva?  I don’t even know, but it sounds like the said googler might have been vaporizing something else in order to come up with this question.
  6. Can you compost dog poop?  Ummm what do you use your compost for?  I personally put mine on my garden, and umm yeah then I eat that garden stuff.  Walter be nasty. 
  7. Can you get uggs wet?  An important question asked by sorority girls world wide. “Ummmmmmmm can like my uggs get wet?  It snowed here or whatever. “
  8. Can you wash uggs?  Mine got wet. 
  9. Can you buy beer on Christmas in Georgia?  No Santa will bring it to you if you have been good.
  10. My personal favorite.  Can you pay my bills?  Ha!  Who is this question directed to?
  11. Can you grow out of ADD?   Well I know I haven’t I was supposed to be working and then I ummm got distracted by thinking about a wii, and then if I got one, if I could watch hulu on it, and then I got distracted when google asked me can you get pregnant on your period, and then I started blogging. So no I don’t think you can grow out of ADD. 
  12. Can you make money blogging?  How many silly bloggers type that in a day.  Well if you keep asking this question instead of blogging, probably not.
  13. Can you teach me how to dougie?   WHAT!  Well it turns out it is song by CalSwag.  Warning this song contains explicit lyrics.  But yeah, I could teach you how to dougie. 
  14. Can you move out at 17 in Georgia?  How many 13-16 year old teenagers are at their computer grounded googling the age you can move out.  Well apparently a lot. 
  15. Can you lose your salivation?  It actually said salvation, but I read salivation.  And I was like OMG if that many people are asking about vaporizing saliva, then they probably want to know if you can lose you ability to salivate after trying to vaporize their saliva. But I will probably lose my salvation for not taking this one seriously enough. 
  16. Internet user: Can you keep a secret?  Google: No
  17. Can you die from weed?  Same guy who tried to vaporize his saliva. 
  18. Can you end a sentence in a preposition?  Only if the south is where you are from at. 
  19. Can you stand the rain?  This is not a question asking how much precipitation you can put up with.  It is a song.  Apparently millions of peoples jam by New Edition. 
  20. Can you yell fire in a crowded theatre?  I love it!  A rebel with a conscious.  If you have to ask if it is ok, then you probably shouldn’t do it.  And what the hell apparently a lot of people have this question.  Next time I go to a crowded theatre I am gonna watch my back. 

That is all.