Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I was wearing that wig.

So the bloggers are together, so we will post a blog together.   

A story of the law and wig empowerment. 

A drinking club, The Chapter, has been meeting at the Ramada (currently The Grand Soleil) on the bluffs of Natchez overlooking the Mississippi River for 32 years.  For 32 years(!), this group comprised mostly of educators, has gathered at 5pm Fridays for cocktails and occasionally dinner.  They share stories, good, bad, and humiliating.  They laugh. They ruse.  Good times are had by all. 

 I have heard many incredible, sometimes unbelievable stories throughout my years with the group. Today, one in particular stands. We are discussing Wig Shame at this week, and what a shame it is.  For whatever the reason (i.e. sickness, baldness, costume), wig wearing should not be shameful.  No, it should be liberating.  So, this week I bring you a wig story from HWY 61 in MS, a story about a wig and justice.

Let me set the scene.  Picture it, HWY 61, Natchez, MS, nighttime.  You there? Susie was.  She was sitting at a red light at the bottom of a very long, steep hill in her Oldsmobile.  Lights came up over the top of this hill in her rearview, and Susie looked up to see a car flying over the crest of the hill.  Her eyes flashed back at the red light, still red(!), then back to the speeding car.  It was barreling down the hill, moving faster, she believed, now moving into her lane.  Susie looked back at the red light and then quickly back to the car.  Susie realized this car was not going to stop.  No. It was going to drive right through her.  With no time to jump or steer clear she let off the brake and braced for impact. BAM. SLAM. NOM. NOM. NOM.

911 was called and the police, a fire truck, and an ambulance arrived.  All involved survived with only minor injuries, scrapes and bruises. Susie sat in her rear-ended Oldsmobile.  She received assistance from the Paramedics and awaited the police officer so she could recount the incident.  He came over and went through a list of preliminary questions (i.e. name, age, address, insurance). Susie provided all the necessary information.  Then he asked her, “What happened?” 

Susie described the car flying over the hill, moving into her lane, and slamming into her Oldsmobile.  The officer said that the driver of the other vehicle claimed that he wasn’t speeding.  Susie said, “Are you kidding?! Look at the rear end of my car!”  The officer smiled and then asked Susie if she had any other proof.  Proof?! Shocked and bewildered, Susie grabbed the wheel and wondered if she was seriously going to have to accept the blame for being rear-ended.  What more proof did he need?! She wiped her face with her hand and realized something missing.  She turned to look in the back and spotted it in the rear window.  Susie  tuned back to the officer and said, “Not speeding, huh?  I can prove it! See that luscious wig?” pointing to the rear windshield. I was wearing it!!” It was a beautiful day for wig wearers everywhere! 

So next time you are second guessing wearing that pink, green, blonde, brunette wig.  Don’t you dare!  We say don that wig and walk the streets with no wig shame, but wig pride!   You never know when your wig can be used as evidence or disguise.  

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