Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bring Your Green Hat

Of recent, I decided to join a few friends and participate in the Atlanta Santa Speedo Race.  This event is a fundraiser for Camp Twin Lakes, and people donate money to run mostly nude through the streets of Atlanta at a “sanctioned” event.  I will not post pictures of this but you can google it and find a myriad of photos and videos.  What I want to convey to you about this event is how it felt a lot like streaking through the streets of Atlanta.  So did I bring my green hat you may ask?  Well no, but I donned my underwear/bathing suit, Santa hat, red and white knee high socks with the rest of the brave exhibitionists and ran 1.7 miles through the heart of Virginia Highland.  The streets were lined with people who had come to watch these brave souls.  But one thing I did not expect was that each of these spectators had their phones pointed at us, were they trying to get my number because I looked so attractive running in the street in my underwear?  No, well not all of them.  They were documenting this event by either photo or video on their phone or camera. 

Lessoned I learned this weekend:  In the 21st century your decisions will be documented . . . and shared.

As a side note . . .I do not regret the things I have done.  

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