Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ask and you shall recieve.

Holidays are the time for getting awesome stuff.

Wig Bag.



So you may remember the post about wig pride, if you don't you may read it.  Well a few days/weeks after I wrote about how we should all have wig pride, a bag of wigs appeared on my street.   So my friend Jesslyn Sheilds has blogged briefly about this bag of wigs and how I believe it came from a hooker. You may read this blog here ->   This is one theory.  Those of you who know Athens, I live in a neighborhood where there is a plethora of hookers around, so it is not unlikely that a hooker may have been the owner of this bag of wigs.  But why did these wigs end up on the street?  My theories are as follows.
1. There an incident where the hooker had to make a quick get away and in order to gain more speed dropped the weight of the wig bag.
2. Someone got angry at their girlfriend or boyfriend and threw their partners wig bag out the car.
3. I blogged about wigs and wig pride and the wig goddess bestowed upon me a bag of wigs and missed my doorstep because the military scrambles GPS signals just a little bit.
4. The wig owner underwent hair replacement therapy and in an act of newly found freedom from the wig, chucked that old tired bag of wigs onto the street.

Feel free to vote on your favorite theory.


  1. 5. A pimp told a guy looking to have a threesome that "two pu**ies cost mo' than one pu**y!" The guy tried to pay the pimp in wigs. The pimp said "no!" and had the guy whacked.