Friday, February 4, 2011

Life Lessons from the Cat Massage Lady ....

Step One:  Watch this video.

Step Two:  Integrate Life Lessons from MaryJean Ballner into everyday life.

I realize you may feel overwhelmed after watching this video.

Things you may be saying to yourself or doing.
"I don't have a cat, and if I did I probably wouldn't massage it. Does this make me a bad hypothetical pet owner?"
Humming "Slow down you move to fast"
Rushing home to massage your kitty.

Hold your horses there.   I want you to first "Slow down, you move too fast."  Sit tight, I want to share with you the important lessons I have teased out of this video.

1.  We touch all the time, so why not be ther best at it.
Well said Mrs. Ballner
Maryjean expands on this life lesson throughout the video.
My favorite "Petting is passé.  Petting is just randomly petting, most people go mid-back. -eh."
Lessons learned, stay away from the midback area, and randomly petting.
She also instructs on how to use our hands. "If your right handed use right, lefthanded use left
Orrrrr if your left handed use right and visa versa."  OR "Use two hands to double your pleasure and double your fun."

And finally the front of your cat is a veritable treasure chest of fun.  ( I will not comment further here)  
All you need to know is that "you don’t need a swimming pool for this breast stroking!!!!"

2. Slow down your moving too fast, that says a lot about life and a lot about cat massage.  
This is where the copyright of this life lesson, gets a little confusing, do we credit Maryjean or Simon and Garfunkel.

In my opinion, they all want us to slow down and enjoy life's little pleasure, like speaking to lamp posts, feeling groovy, and cat massage.
I mean how often do we find ourselves just rushing through life to get to the next thing.  We can all take a few deep breaths and get back to the basics.  
MJB (Maryjean Ballner)  expands on this topic by saying "What may seem excruciatingly slow to us is sooooo appropriate to your feline."  I like to think we can take this sentence and apply it to our regular lives.   Por ejemplo "What may seem excruciatingly slow to us is so appropriate for the person in front of you checking out at the grocery store."
 "What may seem excruciatingly slow to us is sooooo appropriate for a 100 year old Sunday driver."
And so on. 

3. Positive thinking and positive affirmations help us get through life.
MJB has her eyes on the prize.  She knows what she wants in life.  What did she name her cat, Champion AKA Champer Dampers.
She also let's Champion know how special he is by positive affirmations.
"Who is the best cat in the whole United States, it's you Champer Dampers, it's you!!!"
Be sure you are letting those loved ones how you feel about them, take a page from MJB book.  But also keep in mind what she says right after this comment.  "BORING!"  MJB recognizes that the public doesn't want to see this for long, she just wanted to give a peek into her relationship with Champer Dampers and then she knows this is BORING.  So be sure to positively affirm those in your life, but don't bore those around you.

4.  Lastly "When to cat massage?  WHENEVER"
A different take on "everything in moderation."  
New Slogan.  
Everything... Whenever.  

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